Goa Food Thali Full Recipe By FoodyBlogger

Goa is famous for its exotic resorts and beautiful beaches but have you tasted its cuisine. Influenced by Portuguese cooking style, Goan dishes are more exotic than its location. If you wanna try these at home and searching for the menu and recipe, then your search ends here. FoodyBlogger is here with full recipes of typical Goan dishes.

1. Goan Fish Curry

Seafood is the must for the people dwelling in the coastal areas. Goan Fish curry is something which a Goan can't miss. Mingled with creamy coconut milk, its twisted tangy taste due to vinegar can make you drool over and over for it. Easy to cook and devour, this dish is one of my favourite in Goan thali.

2. Mackeral

It's not the name of the dish but can't have a better name than this.  Rich in omega-3 fats, it can literally woo your taste pallets with its absolutely fish-y flavour. Try its new crunchy outside softy inside dish with goa twist.

3. Prawn peri peri

Ahh!!! it's burning hot. If you are the one who adds extra pepper, then this dish is a delight for all you guys. Coated with peri- peri sauce prawns are more hot and sexy now to gobble.

4. Goan khatkhate

Hey vegetarians!!! this is for you. A savoury vegetable stew made in Goan style with the goodness of lentils, spices and coconut.

5. Pineapple curry sansua

Its not a typical Goan dish but yeah its eaten with loads of love there. Tangy pineapple can be combined with chicken as u like. Tossed with garlic, full of flavour, it is really something you never forget once you taste it.

6. Dal Varan

Pulses are the protein-rich diet and hence it's a must in every Indian Thali. Only the name differs but the recipe is still the same as our moms used to cook.

7. Batata Bhaji

Potatoes are everyone's favourite. Even the diet consious people used to miss it a lot. Boiled potatoes are mashed, saute with mustard seeds, flavoured with curry leaves and cooked slowly on medium flame.

8. Brinjal Fry coated with rava

Aubergine, eggplant or brinjal - whatever u say, only the name differs but the flavour still remains the same. well I know it's not everyone's favourite not because it's not tasty but it's not made that way in which your taste buds want. Coated with semolina when it's deep fried, Ohhhh!!!! believe me it's softy bite reminds me the best moment of my life.

9. Brown Rice

Infamous for it's goodness, Goan people love to eat it with all sorts of curry. Fish, chicken, prawn even the simple dal can complement this chubby friend.

Well!! the dishes are countless but these are the some which I like the most. So for sunday special menu, i hope u got something to impress your loved ones.

Image-courtesy:- Cosmopolitan Currymania


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