Farra- Full Recipe By FoodyBlogger

Farre is a typical north-Indian dish eaten widely in the eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Made from rice flour, farre are nutritious, eclair-shaped stuffed with urad dal paste. Farre or Farra is steamed and eaten with a juicy curry or chatnis. Leftover farre can be fried with some seasoning. farre are very popular in village areas. Bored from typical dal-chawal, the villagers don't have restaurants to go for a change instead they prefer farras which are easy to make. From a morning breakfast to an evening snack, farre can be eaten anytime. FoodyBlogger wants you to know the details of this dish so that you can make your menu more stronger.

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1) Rice Flour - 2 cups

2) Split black gram (Urad dal) - 1/2 cup
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3) Split bengal gram (Chana Dal) - 1/2 cup
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4) Green Chillies - as you like(finely chopped)

5) Garlic - 4 to 5 cloves

6) Cumin seeds - 1 tblspn

7) Coriander seeds - 1 tblspn

8) Black Cardamom( Badi elaichi)  - 1 or 2
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9) Salt


1) Add a pich of salt in rice flour, mix it thoroughly and knead it in luke warm water.

2) Cover the dough with a wet muslin cloth.

3) Roast cumin, coriander and black cardamom in a pan and grind it.

4) Grind the soaked black gram (urad dal) and bengal gram (chana dal) with green chillies and garlic cloves.

5) Add the roasted spices and salt to the paste.

6) Boil water in a big pan.

7) Make small rounds from the dough and flatten it with greased (with oil)  hands.

8) From the spoon, add the dal paste to the flattened rice dough and fold it from one side.

9) Now add one by one in the boiling water.

10) Cook it till it get cooked nicely, remove it from the water after 20 minutes.

11) Served the hot farra with chatni or you can fry it if you want.

image-courtesy: Shweta Sharma