7 Stunning Rice Dishes That Can Make Your Feast Appetizing

I remember when I was 13, I went to an aunty's house for dinner and she adorned the table with different kinds of rice dishes that stunned my whole family. I was highly impressed by her great fervour in cooking. Eating simple steamed rice will become boring when you will meet these updated versions. They are easy to make with simple ingredients.

1) Coconut rice : The goodness of coconut milk when embraces the soft rice, the whole dish becomes savoury. For recipe click here

2) Lemon rice: This tangy little ingredient always makes to wink your eyes but when it plays with the steamed rice will make you even lick your fingers too. Check out this recipe

3)Tamarind rice: Another tangy ingredient with a different flavour will make your taste buds dance when you will check this recipe

4)Curd Rice: As white as Snowwhite but more tasty and digestive than anything is here for making your meal complete.

5)Tomato Rice: After being bored from Mexico and Italy when the Sir Tomato visited India he negotiated to make a really palatable dish to benefit India. For seeing his treaty click here

6)Beetroot Rice: Ohh just look at it's magenta color, isn't it making you drool over it.
Beetroot is the one of the most nutritious ingredients and blood-purifying too. Check out its nutritive dish clicking over here

7) Curry-leaves rice I am sure most of you don't like curry leaves but it is really good for eyes and your perfect vision is what I wish for. Garnished with roasted cashews ,this dish will make you love curry leaves.

Next time when your guest knocks the doorbell, make them glee with a wonderful plate with all these colourful rice.

One last tip if you really wanna impress anyone, impress them with your cooking skills because makeup will only soothe their eyes but food will soothe their soul.

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